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    Truly a safe and effective way to improve our overall sense of well being!

    The taste is jus like Nestle Coffee and the effect is the same as Paiyouji!

    According to the theory of the Traditional Chinese Medical Science of the homo-source both in food and drug, Slimming Coffee is a kind of natural, healthy and safe drink for slimming and beautifying which refined with selected samll granular black coffee of Brazil primary forest, a natural plant called Garcinia Cambogia(HCA), dietray fiber, taurine and Vitamin B1 as ingredients and based on adoption of modern biosciences technique.


    Unlike other diets, Paiyouji can help us loose weight and maintain our weight in a manner that is both efficient and safe.
    Paiyouji,the ingredient of which is konjaku flour , oligosaccharide , malt, chitin, dietary fiber, extractant from apple, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B2 , assures you quick weight loss without any side effects in normal cases.


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